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The Mindful Traveler podcast that takes you on a journey like no other. We’re here to share stories, spill secrets, and marvel over stunning sunsets and soulful cuisines.

It’s about the joy, the jest, and the journey. 100% devoted to exploring the depths of cultural diversity and the heights of spiritual peaks.

So, pop in your earbuds, hit play, and listen to the world’s wonders and the wonders within.

Janti & Mie about the ViaVia journey

Episode #5 - The Mindful Traveler Podcast

We dive into the heart-warming stories of women like Janti and Mie, whose dedication to personal growth and community collaboration has transformed ViaVia into more…

Paisi – The One with Waves of Ideas

Episode #4 - The Mindful Traveler Podcast

We take a closer look at Paisi, a remarkable artist whose innovative ideas are making waves in the art community. Join us as we explore…

Sipping Paradise

Episode #3 - The Mindful Traveler Podcast

The world of wine from Bali is revealed in this interview with Giacomo Anselmi from Isola Wines, explains how Bali’s unique terroir, volcanic soil, and…

Finding Jewels in Life

Episode #2 - The Mindful Traveler Podcast

The inspiring journey of Anna Michielan, an Italian woman who left her home country and found her true calling on the enchanting island of Bali.…

The Fearless Nomad

Episode #1 - The Mindful Traveler Podcast

An exciting interview with Deniz Reno, a multi-talented artist and adventurer. Deniz is a visual artist, singer, songwriter, DJ, producer, writer and more. She shares…